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Friends in deviantart!!
None... I'm forever alone...

Fellow generous Deviants

Close friends in deviantart!!

:iconblueboy-pi: :iconsashaflutter: :iconskyuux:
((Flutter and skyu is the same person. NOT. NEW.))

:iconblueboy-pi: :iconsashaflutter: :iconskyuux:

((You dont want to be on here. or else~))
:iconblueboy-pi: :iconsashaflutter: :iconskyuux:

Yeah I have more hated,enemies, and frienemies. because I hate people.
Sorry for those two who I really hate so much I could kill them billiontimes in my head.

If you wanna be my friend, I appreciate it but I don't like peoples who get mad over a call/scary prank/friggin' joke that isn't really funny anyways. baius. hope you +watch me or something!

<subb>forgive me for the crappy art.



:iconvymnis: :iconcotton-pie:



I didn't know Kyubey was a boy! :iconkyubeyplz: After watching Madoka I realized...
"KYUBEY WAS A FRICKIN' BOY!!!" and then I freaked out shouting "REALLY?!" Over and over again. my dad yelled at me though T^T

Madoka so epic! have to admit ep 10 made me cry... -- EP 10 DIDNT MADE ME CRY! I just had a fountain in my eyes!
Soo... yeah ~Meeep~

Seriously! Spoilers. I was yelling at my computer at madoka to wish "WHY DONT YOU JUST WISH IMMORTALITY?!
WHY DONT YOU JUST WISH FOR THE WITCHES TO ALL DIE?!" also Kyouko is such a meanie she didn't give me some of her snacks! im gonna cry... wait I am crying. :iconcrycryplz:

~Rosa-Chy~ crying here!


Expression variation meme by Paperiapina

Ah this Expression meme is great! I understand it very well! and I'm sure others will too. I look forward to using it. I somehow don't ...

There was once a powerful witch, she was so powerful that everyone DIED. </s> The end.

Here is my ~crappy~ critiques that sounds horrible! ololo.
anyways. if you want me to critique something, note me!
it's free....
Why are you copying this message and pasting it? ;o


Rosa-Chyan's Profile Picture
Lilith Elsenberg
I like gore-y animes. I am still practicing on drawings. every week I will post a meme. Probably. you can nick-name me~
Ro/Ros/Rosa/ Chy/ Chyan Whatver you can think of ^-^

I do adoptables~
Please donate and every 200 points I get I will do a giveaway. My drawings look awful, but hey this is what I get with no sketch. if I do it with sketch It gets uglier lol.
Probably... Pfft.

Anyways I hope you watch me~ also if you have a birthday today I might draw your oc! ^^ for freee~

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Won't you donate to a homeless kitty? every one point you donate goes to needed deviants. and those who have birthdays!


It might even start a giveaway ^v^ anyways, it's going to a good cause. depends if you have a heart.

Will you donate to a poor momma cat with little kittens to feed?

Will you donate to a poor homeless dog with nothing to eat?

Will you donate for the poor little puppies in a puppy mill to feed them and have someone take care of them?

Your choice. ^^

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Background ~Detailed~
Like a renpy thingy ;~; Ah well it's going to help me raise up my imagination~
If you want like a sim date thingy thingy... well look up the ~poopy~ background commishies. <w<
Background ~POOPY~ background
10 points for a crappy backgroud!
OC Fanmade Drawing something thingy
Drawing your OC ((Detailed)) Ah, those detailed versions... they are really hard to do. It'd take daysh ^-^ ((Days)) to do probably! and because I don't do the same style as yours! You can gift it to someone else though~ it's yours. well except for the art but whutevah.
Crappy linearts!
Like my first deviation! no actually i'm gonna make it pretty good. The lineart is for practicing colorings. you cannot sell PLEASE. but ofcourse you can share it with someone else BUT IF I FIND THIS ART BEING RESELLED I'M GOING TO KILL YOU


Vymnis Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
tanx 4 waatching! :happybounce:
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